Is Kat’s Naturals The Top CBD Oil Product On The Market?



Kat’s Naturals has mentioned some precautions when it comes to the use of CBD:

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Contraindicated against pregnant and nursing women
  • Suggested to consult a doctor first prior to use


They also reiterate that CBD products aren’t approved by the FDA yet in the management or treatment of a disease.


Kat’s Naturals’ CBD Product Line

  1. CBD Oral Drops
  • Heal

It is dubbed as Kat’s Naturals’ CBD tincture with the highest potency and the company’s bestseller. Let a good 3-5 drops of this CBD drops stay under your tongue for at least one minute and you’ll experience for yourself just how powerful it is. Heal is peppermint-flavored for a more relaxing effect.


  • Naked

This one closely resembles Heal sans the peppermint flavoring. It is available in three sizes and dropping 3-5 drops of this CBD oral drops works just the same as Heal when it comes to potency.


  • Balance

This product contains the perfect balance of isolated and full-spectrum CBD that benefits you by:

~ Brightening your mood

~ Improving concentration

~ Improving GI health


  • Relax

This product speaks for itself. It can really come in handy if you are in desperate need of relaxing, de-stressing, or if you want to sleep soundly through the night. You can enjoy a good nights’ sleep with just a few drops of Relax.


  • Metabolize

CBD has its “fat browning” effects that are enhanced when mixed with important essential oils that can boost your metabolism like young people do.


  • Pet Care

No need to worry about your furry friend as a few drops on your pet’s ear can energize it and relieve it of bothersome symptoms it may be experiencing. Aside from that, their pet care line of oral CBD drops also improves their skin and GI health.